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Be special

with passion


Imagine what a home cinema could sound like, built just for you.


Acoustics and speakers from one source in perfect symbiosis.

The turnkey handover of your home cinema dream.

Lean back. Listen.

Feel. Be amazed.



All M&O speakers are developed, tested and assembled by hand in Germany. This guarantees interchangeability of all core components for many years to come.


Quality that is just as enjoyable after years as on the first day.


The elaborate development of our mundo cinema system is a passionate and intensive process.


To achieve a truly impressive sound experience, the loudspeakers also have to be something very special.


Let the M&O sound fascinate you.





On-site calibration of the loudspeaker layout

Georg during acceptance measurement

Based on our decades of experience and involvement in more than 40 luxury home theatres and countless smaller projects, we know that a perfect result can only be achieved when everything is coordinated and perfectly intermeshed.

Our concept is to supply everything from one source:
Starting with the planning of the cabling, the control, the (room) acoustics and the used M&O speakers. 

Each loudspeaker has its own characteristics and its own special radiation pattern. Who, if not the designer of the loudspeakers themselves, knows how to apply the room acoustic elements through accurate planning in such a way that the advantages of the M&O cinema series are further enhanced. In this way we guarantee that the sound of the system is customised to the listening taste of the luxury home cinema owner.

Of course, before handing over the turnkey home cinema, all our products are personally calibrated on site by us, the M&O developers. With the help of innovative methods, the use of state-of-the-art measuring systems and our many years of listening experience, we adapt the speakers perfectly to your preferred listening habits. Depending on the type and number of loudspeakers used, this last step of the optimization can take one to three days. In return, you can expect a result that has never been achieved before.


With us, sound knows no limits!




Manufacturing a mundo 12

Acoustic planning of a home cinema

To achieve uncompromising and sustainable quality, we rely on quality control and production in Germany.

M&O is proud to plan every project according to your listening preferences and of course to manufacture the speakers according to your wishes.


For this we need reliable suppliers who have been carefully selected by us. For example, our carpentry facilities located in Germany, which guarantee us the highest level of cabinet production and are also happy to fulfil special requests.

The chassis we use are selected and individually tested by us. Before each on-site installation at the customer's premises, we subject each M&O loudspeaker to an extensive quality control. This includes both a long-term test and a final acceptance measurement before delivery.


Thanks to our defined product range, we are prepared for the future and can guarantee the exchangeability of sensitive components well beyond the warranty period. It is important to us that you are highly satisfied not only when the project is completed, but also many years later.

A high and future-proof quality is worth many work stages to us and we are convinced that this passion will be heard.




sketched radiation diagram of mundo 12

In the course of the development process, we have carried out numerous tests with different types of loudspeakers to identify the acoustic properties resulting from the various radiation patterns.

We experimented with line array loudspeakers, horn loudspeakers of different directivity levels, Golomb rulers and, of course, classic arrangements such as D'Appolito with two or three-way loudspeakers.

We then tried to optimise the preferred sound characteristics of each principle on a technical level, but especially in terms of psychoacoustics, and to combine the particular advantages.

The findings from our experiments with the prototypes were particularly revealing: The frequency and radiation diagrams measured in the free field often did not correspond to the sound perception heard in the listening rooms.

However, since we believe that the development of a loudspeaker should be based on the human sense of hearing in a room and not on measurement diagrams, we have started to optimise the sound in different rooms.

These findings were the starting signal for the development of the mundo cinema series.


The main goals were:


  • strong directional focus in the lower frequency range (envelopment, localisation)

  • wide horizontal radiation in the upper frequency range (stage reproduction)

  • low vertical radiation in the upper frequency range (low room stimulation by avoiding floor and ceiling reflections)

  • high efficiency and load capacity (punchy dynamic feeling)

  • Fast transient response of the chassis (fine dynamics)

  • low-resonance cabinet with small installation depth

  • active control and calibration of the setup in the listening room for maximum neutrality (authenticity and live performance)


The beam of sound we want to achieve, in order to achieve an exact localisation of the sound sources and the enveloping effect, can be achieved in many different ways. The best known type of bundling is a waveguide in the form of a horn. We have chosen a more complex type of bundling, namely the possibility of bundling sound via the constructive and destructive interference of the drivers. Of course, not only the number of drivers plays a role here, but above all their arrangement.

From our point of view, pattern control in the lower frequency range is particularly important, since the localisation of the sound events results from the radiation in this frequency range. If the bundling of sound in this range is too low, the stage image is no longer localised accurately. Individual events can no longer be localised and the audibility of the music and the credibility of the film playback suffers.

So the idea was to use many drivers with a small volume and therefore a small depth, and interference of the drivers to each other to achieve a concentration in the lower frequency range and at the same time to produce a very high efficiency. The combination of high efficiency, high power handling, and the fast transient response of the small chassis ensures the incredible dynamics of the mundo series.

The wide radiating AMT tweeter in the upper frequency range (crossover frequency 2.5kHz) concentrates vertically stronger and thus largely eliminates floor and ceiling reflections. The horizontally wider sound radiation ensures a spatial and authentic sound image, as it is based on the natural hearing sensation.

The combined type of frequency-selective sound radiation shown in the horizontal radiation diagram above thus creates a realistic stage image, both in terms of stage depth and stage width, and is one of the reasons for the typical sound of our mundo systems.

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