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M&O Sound Systems 

A small insight into the mundo world

Release of the new speakers



We are very pleased to finally introduce our new mundo 1.5 in both passive and partially-active versions.

These variants are also radiation-optimized by the coaxial drivers and thus they guarantee the sound quality typical for M&O. 

Especially for smaller home theaters, the mundo 1.5 offers a great opportunity to realize an atmospheric sound in the rear and top / height area.


A new cinema is on the verge of completion



Another M&O cinema will be finished soon.

We are looking forward to the final calibration and to making another home cinema enthusiast happy.


We wish a happy new year 2021



M&O wishes a happy new year 2021.

We are confident that we will be able to master more unforeseen challenges in the coming years and would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us in 2020.

We are looking forward to further successful years and more and more satisfied M&O home theater owners.


Newly designed transport bags



In order to avoid unnecessary packaging and still ensure transport protection during delivery we ordered new transport bags from a local tailor's shop. 

So now there is a custom-made protection for each of our loudspeakers.


End of the forced summer break



Home visits and demonstrations are once again possible by following the local country hygiene regulations. 

The first customers were able to enjoy the sound of one of the M&O demo cinemas.

Stay healthy.


Development of new M&O loudspeakers



Due to the high demand we decided to use the decelerated time of the lockdown to develop two new loudspeakers.

These should be a cost-effective solution for the ceiling and the rear area while still offering the usual mundo quality.


Unplanned forced break



Due to the nationwide restrictions we unfortunately have to cancel home visits or demonstrations for the time being.

We hope that the situation will stabilize soon.

Until then we ask for your understanding.


A new M&O cinema is built



The cinema is still in the construction phase.

The 12x mundo 1 subwoofers already have the promise of great results.

We are looking forward to the completion of the cinema and the final calibration of the sound system. 


New homepage layout is online




The new layout of our homepage is online.


With even more information about our products.

Have fun exploring.


Christmas greetings from one of the M&O cinemas




The groot from the 3D printer that M&O uses to make prototypes greets you from one of the demonstration cinemas, wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a happy new year 2020.

With hopefully many exciting new projects.

On-site supervision of a cinema project during the construction phase




Due to discretionary requests, we do not show photos of this luxury home cinema here.


Nevertheless the technical cabinet alone is absolutely impressive. Sine power of well over 50,000 watts.


The cinema itself looks not less impressive.

We are looking forward to it when it is finally calibrated and we can hand it over to the new owner ready for use.


Final acceptance measurements in one of the customer cinemas



You can see the spectrogram (10Hz - 200Hz) of the bass range in one of our cinemas.

The room's acoustics work as intended:

The reverberation is constant <300ms and the DBA sounds crisp and punchy.

Using the convolution measurement we invented, to adapt the delay of the subsystem <1ms to the other speakers. This accuracy provides the additional punch especially in the kick bass range.

Delivery of the mundo loudspeakers




The 7,5t truck is now half packed and we are looking forward to the delivery for our next project:


3x mundo 12

10x mundo 6

12x mundo 4

DBA with 16x mundo 1



Technical contribution in the litemagazin




"The mundo series impresses with its enormous dynamics and spatially perfect reproduction".


"The whiplashing dynamic goes straight to the blood and makes us feverish. Simply wow! What I am experiencing here is more than an impressive movie experience".

We would like to thank you for this great review!

You can find the original article in litemagazin under: "Demo-Cinema of Screen professional".


HiFi Forum Vodcast 23 – M&O immersive cinema




"Cinema at its best!"

Heiko Neundörfer (CEO of the Hifi Forum) in a very informative dialog with Ralf Lulay (CEO Screen professional GmbH) about our M&O sound systems.


You can find the video in the HiFi Forum Vodcast 23 under "M&O immersive cinema".



Collection of the CNC housings from one of our carpenters



Our carpenter has manufactured the housings on the CNC milling machine and professionally crafted them by hand according to customer requirements.

The picture shows a small section of the production facility.



LowBeats reportage: Extreme cinema experience!



"Pistol shots from John Wick were scary to the touch and the scenery when the Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody with 10,000 spectators tuned in to "We Will Rock You" caused astonishment and never-ending goose bumps. Very impressive."

Thank you for this great review!

You can find the article in LowBeats magazine under „Explosive Dynamik im M&O Demokino“.



M&O training of ColdeweyTEC Cinema from Westerstede



M&O developer and managing director Daniel Obenland is training one of the selected specialist dealers who visited our sales partner Screen professional GmbH.


Only such trainings can ensure that you as an end customer are competently advised at all times, from the first contact to the turnkey handover.



First implementation of the new demonstration cinema near Nuremberg



The M&O developers are ready: The screening cinema will be finally calibrated.


Since this cinema will be open to the public, you too can look forward to enjoying the unforgettable M&O sound soon.



Construction phase of a further cinema



The construction phase of the cinema by "Akustik 4All" from Holger Franz is almost complete. 


On display are the front loudspeakers with 3x mundo 12, the height loudspeakers mundo 4 and the front subwoofers of the DBA consisting of 8x mundo 1.


We are very much looking forward to the final calibration!



Delivery of the mundos to the demo cinema of Screen professional



You can see the loudspeakers delivered today and hopefully soon to be installed. 

The planning phase is now far behind us and the construction phase is almost finished. 



The construction phase of another project is completed



The cinema of another M&O customer has been completed and is about to be finally measured and handed over ready for use.


We are looking forward to another happy mundo owner.



10 seconds mundo



The faces and comments speak for themselves. There is nothing more to say:

"Unbelievable! - I never thought that something like this was possible"

"This is reference! I have never heard anything like it before"

"When you close your eyes, you have the feeling you are floating in the music"

You can find the video under Grobi-TV "10 Sekunden mundo - Die faszinierendsten Lautsprecher der Welt?"



First sound impressions in the Grobi cinema



Customer impressions of the mundo 12 stereoset:

"I could not imagine that it could be much better than what I have ever heard. I can only advise everyone to listen to it."


"Wow, these things are really fast, they have real punch, they go to the point. And even outside the sweet spot they are really good"

"I'm flashed at the moment. I just heard 4 stereo tracks and I'm afraid to come back to my basement and turn on my own high quality speakers. Therefore I will drive my car two laps first"

All videos can be found at Grobi-TV. 


Delivery of the mundos to Grobi cinema



The sheer size of the M&O speakers alone is impressive.


The sound will be equally impressive.


We are looking forward to the first customer reactions .



The construction phase for our latest project has started



The planning is completed. The construction has begun.


Let's realize another home cinema dream.

We are very happy to look into the happy eyes of this home theatre owner.



A new reference cinema is finished



A visitor to this cinema, which was built in the greater Stuttgart area, said:

" Once you have experienced this, you cannot go back! This sound stays in your head and never lets you go... an incredible experience!"

For the SBA we have chosen a slightly different subwoofer concept:


Many small drivers for maximum punch in the kick bass range.



Visit to the demonstration cinema of "Akustik4All"



Ralf Lulay (CEO of Screen professional GmbH) is a guest in our demonstration cinema with Holger Franz (CEO of Akustik4All).


As you can see, they both enjoyed it very much.



Listening report of the trade journal "Heimkino" issue 4/5-2017



"...pressure and depth are at their best, the timing is first class and the spatiality on the reference spot is superb"


"...The shots... are performed with excellent fine and coarse dynamics - wonderful!


"The Garino offers a performance that gives us goose bumps with euphoria."


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