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The Enthusiasts

and the way to the foundation of M&O

Georg Müller M&O
Georg Müller

"As a passionate developer and qualified electronics engineer, it has always been my goal to get the most out of electronics. For me, it all began over 20 years ago with my passionate hobby - home cinema. Since then I have been building power amplifiers, modifying projectors and developing loudspeakers.


My approach, especially in loudspeaker development, has become increasingly professional over the years. New paths in the search for the perfect sound have been taken. However, the more technically perfect the loudspeaker became, the less emotions it conveyed to me. With each new development and the resulting listening experience, it became clear to me that conventional loudspeaker development is designed to optimise individual known parameters rather than the perception of the sound.

That's why I joined forces with Daniel, who is a sound enthusiast like me, with the aim of developing loudspeakers that are primarily optimised for the sound experience rather than technical parameters. "

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Daniel Obenland M&O
Daniel Obenland

"For 17 years I have been intensively involved with stereo and home cinema, not only for job-related reasons - and I always had the feeling that something was missing in terms of sound. Many systems fascinated me in their own way, but none of the loudspeakers I listened to combined the things that were important to me such as stage image, localisation sharpness, coarse and fine dynamics, sound transparency and authenticity in a well balanced way. 

For this reason I started to develop loudspeakers for myself, far away from the conventional two or three way principle. During the development phase, I realised which technical characteristics of the loudspeaker caused the respective effects on the sound.

I also realised that the room also plays a crucial role in the sound image. That's why I made it my goal to develop loudspeakers to suit my listening preferences, and ultimately to adapt them to the room in question, thus fulfilling my yearlong dream of perfect sound".

Together, we look forward to sharing our experience gained over the years and the resulting loudspeaker developments with you and to making your home cinema a special experience.

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